Brand new to UK schools

Chip & Pin for schools

Fast and secure contactless transactions

Brand-new to UK schools and colleges, Chip & Pin offers an additional contactless method for fast and secure transactions. ami Education's Chip & Pin technology enables pupils, staff and parents to pay for school transactions on a card payment device, using their card, Google or Apple payments.


With fast and secure transactions for pupils, which eliminates the need for school staff to count transactions at the end of the day, Chip & Pin is the latest innovative solution for contactless school payments.



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Simple cashless payments for all school users.

For pupils | staff | parents | visitors


Fast and secure transactions

Like supermarket transactions, Chip & Pin enables school staff to process card payments in just a few clicks. Pupils present their card, Google or Apple device on the card reader, and the payment is taken in just a few seconds.


Eliminate human error

Chip & Pin enables schools to eliminate human error from the payment process since transactions, whether for lunch items, school shops or events, are automatically shown on the PED, with no manual input required from staff.


Save valuable staff time

With Chip & Pin transactions instantly recorded, this innovative solution eliminates the need to manually count card transactions at the end of the day, saving valuable staff time and resources.


Increase uptake

ami Education's Chip and Pin solution is designed for use in the school dining hall, shop and at school events for pupils, parents and visitors with various payment requirements, from debit and credit cards to Google and Apple payments. With straightforward transactions in seconds, Chip & Pin removes unnecessary barriers and offers a familiar transaction method for all school users.



Seamlessly connected cashless catering


infinity+ is accredited technically by all major MIS systems and provides cashless retail and payment, identity management, registration and the broadest range of user provisioning software to schools and colleges across the UK and internationally.

In addition to all the benefits of cashless catering, infinity+ can fully integrate other systems from around the school to allow the one card or fingerprint to operate all.

This fully automated process reduces your workload in a dynamic environment.

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