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Chace Community School

Improving the school lunch experience with Infinity+ cashless software

Chace Community School, based in Enfield, London, currently accommodates over 1200 pupils and has a strong vision ‘to provide young people with an education of excellence that will change their lives and inspire them to be the leaders of tomorrow.’


Putting education and excellence at the heart of their operations, Chace Community School places a key emphasis on innovation, enabling staff and pupils to benefit from ami Education’s software for almost ten years and continue to reap the benefits of our Infinity+ cashless system.

Cashless operations

Utilising Infinity+, ami education’s cashless catering solution, which provides schools globally with a retail and payment, identity management and registration system, Chace Community School offers its staff and pupils a simple way to minimise cash handling in school.


Justin Wing, Network Manager at Chace Community School, shares the benefits Infinity+ has brought to the school:

“[Infinity+ has] Decreased the following negative aspects of using cash: stopped confusion over costs, decreased bullying, reduced the stigma around free school meals and no more lost dinner money and increased turnaround of the lunch queue. Also, decreases the amount of time banking and finance admin time.”


By employing the Infinity+ cashless system, which offers pupils a cash-free transaction method for school lunches, whilst integrating with other school systems, including contactless cards and biometric systems like fingerprint scanners, pupils can benefit from a stress-free and enjoyable lunchtime experience.




When schools rely on cash handling, it involves remembering lunch money and risks free school meal stigma from a pupil perspective. From a staff perspective, it increases admin time spent banking cash. Offering a contactless method in the school dining hall simplifies the lunchtime experience, ensuring pupils can focus on what matters the most: learning.


Increasing school dinner turnaround

With a vision to ‘provide young people with an education of excellence, maximising time spent learning is crucial for Chace Community School, and why implementing a cashless solution that increases turnaround in the school dining hall was essential.


When discussing which feature of their cashless system has had the most significant impact, Justin Wing said: “[Infinity+ is an] easy to follow system that has increased turnaround in the school diner.”




By eliminating the need for pupils to bring in cash and potentially lose or forget dinner money, Chace Community School has significantly reduced the dining hall lunch queue with minimal processing time at the point of sale. Introducing contactless software has enabled pupils to maximise time spent in the classroom and improve the dining hall experience.

Staff and parent feedback

At Chace Community school, parents and school staff have also reaped the rewards from the Infinity+ cashless system, particularly when taking control over their finances to top up their school online payment account (which integrates with Infinity+) when their funds are low.


“Parents and staff have found it easier to manage their finances and top up their accounts when funds are getting low. Also, the facility to be notified when funds are below a certain amount has proved invaluable.” - Justin Wing, Network Manager.


After utilising ami Education’s cashless solutions for almost a decade, the working relationship between ami and Chace Community School remains strong, focusing on equipping staff and pupils with a secure and efficient cashless innovation that improves the school dining hall experience for years to come.


“I have found AMI to be an outstanding service, second to none, with an excellent helpdesk that goes above and beyond. The technical support and sales provide a quick and concise response and put technical jargon into an easy-to-understand form.” - Justin Wing.

An outstanding cashless catering solution

To conclude, Justin shared:

“I would recommend AMI to other schools as I have found the whole service to be outstanding in providing a solution to cashless catering. 10 out of 10. A gold star from me.”


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International Schools
Overseas School Of Colombo

High-quality technology to achieve excellence


With over 400 students, the Overseas School of Colombo is widely regarded as the most prestigious international school in Sri Lanka. The school strives for individual excellence and is proud of its highly qualified teachers, state of the art technology, facilities, and resources.


As part of their commitment to high-quality technology, the school has begun using AMI Pre-ordering, AMI Easy Trace Point of Sale with an iSAMS API integration. 


Positive reviews

After trying an “out of the box” software solution, the Overseas School found AMI through the iSAMS Partner Solutions listing. iSAMS Partner Solutions are awarded to software providers who demonstrate high-quality knowledge and interactions with the iSAMS MIS system. The deciding factor for choosing AMI included some positive reviews on the EDU Geek Forum, an online network for schools to discuss educational technology. 


Customised solution

Brad Fisher, IT Director for the school, was responsible for the implementation and rollout. Brad commented, “it was extremely easy to implement the product. The staff set up everything and customised the solution for reports, API syncs, and automated emails based on our school’s needs.”


“I strongly recommend this system for schools that are having IT cafeteria issues. Their support and ability to customise the needs of the school and third-party provider have made this a tremendous success!” 


- Brad Fisher, IT Director

Increased performance

Since using the pre-ordering and cashless software, pupils are encouraged to dine in the school canteen. Since using the AMI software, 65% of students now purchase lunch from the canteen. Brad expanded, “The solution also allows the 3rd party canteen provider to have a better fundamental understanding of what is working with our diverse range of students and what needs to be improved.”


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