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Secure your data with our subscription service

Our Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery service simplifies the whole disaster recovery process and significantly reduces costs incurred as a result. This annual subscription service secures your Infinity+ database with automatic backups, which are encrypted and securely transported to our Cloud Backup facility.
In a catastrophic failure, we will carry out all necessary steps to bring your system back online.

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Disaster Recovery 
Benefits and Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Disaster Recovery

  • Safeguard your school's data from loss and corruption
  • In the case of a server failure, Disaster Recovery can get your school back up and running in an hour
  • Avoid wasting precious time by protecting your servers against frustrating downtime
  • Reduce the costs associated with data retrieval 
  • Simplify the overall disaster recovery process
  • The backup is held in an offsite location, mitigating the risk of theft or fire

Where is the data held?

The encrypted database backups are held in our Cloud Backup facility, provided through Microsoft Azure. All data remains encrypted and is held solely within the EU.

Who can access the data?


Only AMI employees who access the Microsoft Azure service have access to the encrypted data. This data cannot be read unless the employee has access to the site-specific private key. These two roles are typically separated, with the only exception being senior management.

How secure is the data?


The database backup is immediately encrypted using the most robust AES encryption algorithm available to your server, typically a 256-bit key. This encryption is performed with a unique session key to your school and the current backup. Once the session key has been created, it will be further encrypted using an X509 certificate issued by AMI Education and uniquely identifies your site.


This encryption uses the RSA algorithm and 2048-bit encryption. Once encrypted, the only way to decrypt your data is to have the private part of the RSA key, which is unique to you.


The backups are protected using SSL communications to the server whilst in transit to our Cloud Backup facility. These transfers are also safeguarded through unique security tokens, which expire once the transfer is complete.


How is the data recovered?


The disaster recovery process uses a tool that utilises the site-specific X509 certificate to download the database backup, achieved by requesting a single-use security token to download data from our Cloud Backup facility. Once the database is decrypted, it is restored to the Microsoft SQL Server on the new operating platform for Infinity+.

Seamlessly connected cashless catering


infinity+ is accredited technically by all major MIS systems and provides cashless retail and payment, identity management, registration and the broadest range of user provisioning software to schools and colleges across the UK and internationally.

In addition to all the benefits of cashless catering, infinity+ can fully integrate other systems from around the school to allow the one card or fingerprint to operate all.

This fully automated process reduces your workload in a dynamic environment.

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