Infinity+ Order

Infinity+ Order

Limitless school meal pre-ordering

Meet our new pre-order app, Infinity+ Order! This powerful platform breaks the confines of the school dining hall, giving staff and pupils the ability to order their favourite school meals direct from their mobile phones anytime, anywhere. 


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Benefits for staff and pupils

Safe and efficient school meal pre-ordering, which eliminates queuing from the dining hall!

  • Staff and pupils can pre-order school meals, ready to pick up at lunchtime
  • The pre-order app is downloadable on the Appstore and Google Play
  • View live cashless balance
  • View previous transaction history
  • Facilitates Free School Meals
Benefits to school caterers 

Connected to Infinity+ cashless for a truly integrated pre-ordering solution!

  • Seamlessly connected to Infinity+ cashless system to send orders to the kitchen ahead of time
  • Helps reduce food wastage by letting school catering teams know what to prepare in advance
  • Reporting suite assists with stock control and trend predictions


Seamlessly connected cashless catering


infinity+ is accredited technically by all major MIS systems and provides cashless retail and payment, identity management, registration and the broadest range of user provisioning software to schools and colleges across the UK and internationally.

In addition to all the benefits of cashless catering, infinity+ can fully integrate other systems from around the school to allow the one card or fingerprint to operate all.
This fully automated process reduces your workload in a dynamic environment.
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